Week 2 – Is this really going to work??

We have reached week two!  You might be wondering how my parents feel about the fact that I am posting intimate aspects of their lives online.  At this point, they have no clue and I’m not planning on them finding out any time soon!  You see, I have a very good relationship with my parents as long as we don’t talk about their house.  We can have a great day or weekend and I would love to bring up topics such as cleaning the house, but I feel like it would ruin a really good day.  I talk on the phone with my mother at least once a week and sometimes every day.  For this reason, it is extremely hard not to tell her that I’m documenting our trials and tribulations every week with all of you.  Trust me, I feel so guilty.  In the end, I am not trying to embarrass or shame them with public humiliation.  I have felt alone in this situation for so long that it brings comfort to share my story.  So for this reason, I will try to share as much of this process without disclosing names or locations for their privacy.  As I proceed, I will be adding pictures and mentioning conversations which may seem a bit personal.  I am posting these as I hope to show the progression of our journey.  Am I scared of my parents’ reaction if they ever see this?  Absolutely, tears well up in my eyes imagining it.  So mom, if you find this one day, I hope you can respect the fact that I wanted to share our story as a way to help others who may be in a similar situation.  Hopefully by the time you see this, you can look back and be proud of how well you have done!

So we are onto our second week!  Last week I handed my mother two paper bags to fill with newspapers and told her I would be back for them in a few days.  I wasn’t sure how she would react and I’m a bit nervous as I walk into the house.  To my surprise, I see the filled bags sitting in the front hallway.   My father is sitting at the counter watching TV while my mother is nowhere in sight.  He states that my mother is upstairs talking on the phone.  I take this as my opportunity to fill the bags up a bit more.  Of course, I can’t take a whole bunch of newspapers from the top of a pile and throw them in the bag.  She would notice.  I proceeded to run around the house attempting to find a few papers from each pile to fill up the bags.  This proved to be similar to a game of Jenga, as pulling even a single paper from a pile would cause it to teeter and almost fall to the ground.  That would be bad.

Since my mom wasn’t around, I took the chance to discuss what I was doing with my father.  Now mind you, my father is a whole different ballgame.  He is frustrated by my mothers’ clutter, but has an equal amount of clutter of his own.  His clutter is normally bigger (full cabinets and disgusting furniture from who knows where) and hot wheel cars among other things.  Did I mention lots of hot wheel cars?  Anyways, he seemed very enthusiastic about the fact that I am trying to help my mother out.  Unfortunately, he would rather hire a dumpster and get rid of everything immediately.  I would love to do this as well, but I have learned that I have to go at a slower speed to make sure my mother doesn’t feel overwhelmed.  I slipped in the fact that I would also like to work on removing some of my fathers’ items as well.  He seemed very eager to help.  This seems like a promising progression!  Maybe my parents have turned a corner?  Until next week..

This week – 2 bags of newspapers

Total – 4 bags of newspapers


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