Week 6 – Picking up Newspapers

One of the nicest finds so far, a green punch bowl and glasses

I knew my parents would be out for the day, so I attempted to get to the house before they arrived home. I figured this could give me a chance to survey the house a bit more without my mother watching over me.  Nice thought, but I literally arrived at the  house as my parents were walking in the front door.  I decided to continue tackling my brother’s old room since there were still lots of items in plastic bags literally lying everywhere.  I placed a bunch of these items into boxes so I could organize them at my house.  Meanwhile I noticed I was slipping on small pieces of wrapping paper which were haphazardly dropped all over the floor.  I’m guessing these were in plastic bags at some point, but had fallen out at one time or another.  I corralled the used wrapping paper into a large garbage bag and put it at the top of the stairs.  The room was looking a bit more organized.  I was happy with this and decided to go exploring into an extra room we called the attic.  This used to be my father’s office and has always been a storage magnet for the family.  Of course now it’s out of control.  I grabbed a plastic bag full of old silver items from the room and placed it next to the bag of wrapping paper scraps.  I tried to go back in, but things were falling from every direction. I figured it was best to stop for now.

I turned around to go back into the hallway and there she was.  My mother asks harshly “what are you doing?”  I reply that I am looking.  She then asks what I am taking.  I point to the plastic bag filled with random silver items and tell her I want to take it to my house to see what is in it.  She says that she knows what’s in the bags.  I reply that I realize this, but the items need to be organized better and stored properly.  A plastic bag for nice silver isn’t really cutting it.  Then my mother sees the bag of wrapping paper scraps.  This seemed to hit a nerve, she was not having it.  I knew I should have hid that bag in a box! She grabs the bag and is now getting testy with me, proclaiming that it is her house and she is not going to budge.  My mother wants to go through the bag and supposedly she would give it to me the next week.  I figured it would be easiest to drop it at this point, but I don’t think I will see this bag again.

We went downstairs and my mother only had 1 and 1/2 bags ready for me instead of 2.  I said fine, get some more newspapers.  She firmly replied no.  I started to go towards a pile of papers that could fill 10 bags and suggested that we go through them together.  BIG no.  Finally she gave me a bag that had been sitting in the kitchen for at least a few years.  I said OK, I would take that in addition to the bag she filled and the one she still needed to fill up.  I decided to check out the garage in the meantime which was stacked full with stuff.  I have to say this is partially my fault.  One day while I was in high school, I got home from school and was sick of the mess.  I decided to pack up all of the newspapers in the house, which ended up being 75 bags!!  Of course, my mother refused to take them to recycling until she went through them all.  I decided to put them in the garage because I figured this would motivate her to get rid of them.  Not so much as the newspapers are still there among lots of other things they have added through the years.  I dug my way to the garage and took out an additional 4 bags while my mom was filling the final bag.

I started putting everything in the car, but when I walked back into the house my mother was suspiciously shuffling through the bags I just took out of the garage.  I looked into the bag she was supposed to be filling and asked her what year they were.  She took a paper from the middle and showed it to me.  I replied that I wanted to see the one she just put in the bag.  2003, yup she took some papers from the bag in the garage and acted like they were from the house.  Now I am FUMING!!!  I barely fill the car up before I leave the house in complete rage.  The fact that she would lie hurt me so much.

The loot from this week.. A punch bowl, some silver, and lots of dirty glasses. You would think my aunt drank a lot! I don’t think the glasses had been touched in about 20 years seeing the grime on them! Thanks to Miles who is helping inspecting one of the glasses. His conclusion – They are dirty!!

Later that week I had my mother stop over to look at a punch bowl and some glasses that I took out of the house.  She agrees to get rid of them, so this is good.  I thought this would be a good time to tell her how badly she hurt my feelings earlier that week.  I mention the fact that she has some really nice things that would look better in her house than the newspapers.  Not to mention how much work I am putting into this whole process.  I ask her why she has such a hard time getting rid of newspapers and she replies that she doesn’t know. The fact that she didn’t shut down and ignore me when I asked her is a huge step.  Hopefully we’re headed back into the right direction!  I have to say this was the worst week so far though 😦 .

This week – 1 & 1/2 bags of newspapers from my mother

5 bags of newspapers

1 bag of bags (as in shopping bags, lots of them!)

Assorted drinking glasses

Punch bowl

Silver items

Total – 9.5 bags of newspapers from my mother & 5 bags of pre-bagged newspapers


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