Week 7 – Not losing hope – yet!!

We are at week 7 and I have to say, I’ve gotten further in this process than I had expected.  I really thought I would be banned from my parents house by now.  Yes, my mother has had some bad days, but she’s also has accommodated most of my requests so far.  I am not expecting this whole process will cure her and I’m not really sure what my goals are anymore.  All I know is that I can’t give up.

Kitchen supplies from my grandmother’s house. I’ve always wanted a melon-baller! I’m not even kidding.. I really have always wanted a melon-baller.  But really gram, why so many corkscrews!?!?

To put it lightly, last week was a disaster.  I can’t lie, I’m having major anxiety from my mother’s behavior.  I walk into the house nervously hoping that this week will be better.  I don’t think I can take another bad week.  I head straight upstairs and my mother joins me as I move a few boxes aside for sorting at my house.  She immediately starts going through a box of my grandmother’s old things and takes out a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and a clock.  I am highly annoyed since they were such trivial things, but also relieved she only took 3 items.  I was shocked as she let me take everything else and even had two bags of newspapers packed and ready to go.  I mentioned that maybe she could even get up to 3 bags the next week.  She said she was busy, but maybe soon.  She didn’t say no!  I was also able to get three bags of newspapers out of the garage.  My mother was still watching me closely this week, but it was a much calmer process!

Random stuff from grandma’s.. Including a doll toilet paper holder! Sorry to say, she had to go..  And mom took back the watering can for my niece who still hasn’t seen it.  Sigh.

I got home and started combing through the boxes I removed from my parents house earlier that day.  Unfortunately I found it hard to get rid of anything since there were a lot of personal items from my grandma.  Even though, I packed a box up for goodwill and have posted the corningware dishes on ebay.  I left the other items to sort through at a later time since it seems the more I bring into my house, the less I will want to keep!  It’s all about baby steps..

Misc personal items from my grandma’s house..

Total this week – 2 bags of newspapers from mom & 3 bags of pre-bagged newspapers

1 Bag plastic bottles

1 Cardboard box

1 Box misc kitchen items and other personal items from grandma

Total from mom – 11.5 from mom plus 8 bags of newspapers


7 thoughts on “Week 7 – Not losing hope – yet!!

  1. Hi! It’s interesting that you should have lids, but no dishes to go with them. SwittersB at Hoarding Woes found exactly the same thing at his Aunt’s house. Dilemma: do you keep the lids just in case they are useful for someone else or you find the dishes? Best wishes.

    • What a good observation! I did come across the bottom dishes that (hopefully) match the tops in the picture. I also found about 4 more boxes of my grandmother’s things that I haven’t even touched yet. I’ve had an interesting challenge since my mother packed up my grandmother and great aunts houses when they were forced to move out of their houses. Unfortunately, she packed ALL of their things into her already over-cluttered house without getting rid of anything. My great aunt was also a hoarder, my grandma was not. Even so, there is a lot of stuff between the two. I’m shocked we found the matching bottoms! Thanks for your support!

  2. Those corkscrews remind me of my mom, who had a collection of whisks. One day I counted and found six of them. Three different sizes… two of each size. She said she never knew which size she would need or if she might need more than one of a given size when she cooked. The only thing I ever saw her use a whisk for was to beat eggs. I think I convinced her to get rid of three of them.

    She also had several turkey basters. At least four of them made the move with her after she supposedly cleaned out her kitchen. She said she would get rid of all but one. I’ll try to remember to check her kitchen next time I’m over there to see if she actually did it.

    • I think our moms are so much alike it is ridiculous! Thank you for making me laugh, because I could picture my mother pulling the same excuses with 6 whisks. I actually came across a turkey baster this week and thought of your comment! All of the kitchen items are from deceased grandmothers and great aunt’s houses, so I can’t say my mom actually went out and bought all of them, but there was no need to pack 4 corkscrews away into the attic.

  3. Congratulations on a very successful week! Sounds like your mom is secretly pleased that you are taking the responsibility for ‘getting rid of things’. It is hard to do, but having a few treasured wonderful items that belonged to someone is worth a whole household of leftovers they forgot to put out at the curb.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for your support! I am not sure if she is secretly pleased or not, but I would hope so. She normally seems to be outwardly annoyed all the time. Obviously she wouldn’t let me into her house if she was completely against my help.

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