So how does a hoarder’s brain work?

I’ve attached an article I thought all of you might find interesting.  It details a study about hoarders and their brain functions when asked to keep or throw away their junk mail vs. the junk mail of other people.  I don’t think this study is particularly shocking seeing my mother’s reaction when I sort through her junk mail.  By her reaction I mean acting completely ridiculous as if I wanted to throw away all of her plates and insist she eat on the floor from now on.  No, I’m not even exaggerating, she really freaks out over junk mail.  They have never had cable TV and don’t plan on getting it, but opening, reading, and filing the cable TV junk mail is completely necessary.  I do feel this study is promising because it may help therapists in treating hoarding patients more effectively in the future.  I really want to bring Dr. Tolin over by their house to try a trial study NOW!!


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