I didn’t think hoarding vegetables was possible..

So apologies for the delay in posting but I have literally been over my head in cucumbers.  To my surprise, I found that my mother likes to hoard vegetables as well..  The bigger ones are probably the size of my forearm!!

Holy Cucumbers!! 33 to be exact..

These are from her garden, but she obviously let some sit for a bit longer than necessary!!  I’m guessing she doesn’t like getting rid of vegetables either??  I have repeatedly asked her to pick them sooner because the smaller ones are easier to pickle, but she waits for me to take them out (as with everything else in her house.)  So far I have made cucumber salsa, cucumber salad, cucumber relish, bread and butter pickles, spicy garlic dill refrigerator pickles, and dill refrigerator pickles.  I attempted to can some of them so we can have pickles all year long.  I hope it worked!  I picked 33 cucumbers last week and went back yesterday and picked 19 more (much smaller ones though.)  So unfortunately I have been a bit preoccupied!!  I am a pickle fanatic, but this might be too many for even me.  Hopefully I will be back to normal by the end of the week and be able to get back to my normal posts 🙂


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