Week 17 – More boxes of crap?? What a surprise!!

This week I got to my parent’s house and was surprised to see my mother wasn’t home.  My father said she was up at my brother’s house feeding the cats.  I am happy to hear this because I can take some time to get some cleaning done downstairs.  I quickly walk around and take a handful of newspapers from each pile.  I was easily able to fill two paper bags and I don’t feel like you could notice that I took anything from the piles (obviously this is bad because I didn’t even make a dent, but good because my mom won’t notice).  I wasn’t sure when my mother would be home and if she would look into my car, so I hid the bags in the recycling bin outside.  I then looked around and realized that my mother hadn’t even taken the presents that we had gotten them for mothers and fathers day out of the bag.  I put the “too big” compost bin on the counter and threw away the milk cartons she had been using for that purpose.  I then took out the new phone we bought them and set that up.  It all took about 10 minutes and made a bit of space in the front hallway.  My father was very eager to help me which was nice.  Unfortunately my mom was upset I hadn’t gone through the messages on the old answering machine.  I told her the old phone was upstairs if she would like to grab the old messages.  I don’t think she’s even thought twice about it since.

I finished downstairs and proceeded to go back to the attic where I have been slaving away for a few weeks now.  I came upon a box of old children’s clothes and decided to start by finding all the pants where the elastic had gone bad.  This normally eliminates half the box.  We have found a few recycling centers for clothes nearby so we won’t have to throw these away.  This makes me feel a bit better because we have a LOT of old clothes that don’t seem to be suitable for donation because they are ripped, soiled or the elastic has gone bad.  I find some boxes from my father again.  I still can’t believe how much my father loves to jumble lots of random things into boxes.  These seemed to be from 1981 and contained items from his old job as a computer programmer and random items that have been sitting there since 1980.  Overall, there are a lot of magazines that will ultimately go to recycling.

I finally condense 4 boxes down to 2 and I’m happy with this.  I have finally cleared my way to another closet that is off the far side of the room.  This leads into another area under the easement of the roof towards the front of the house.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was greeted by more boxes as I opened the door.  These were filled with kitchen supplies and personal things from my grandmother’s house.  I let out a big sigh.  I try to do my best getting some stuff out of this back room, but I still have piles of crap at my own house so most of these things will stay for now.  I have been adamant about not bringing anything else into my home unless I can either post it on ebay immediately or I actually want it.  I take a few things out of the boxes for myself and try to get as much garbage out as I can.  Overall, it was a successful night, but extremely frustrating.  Every time I feel like I am making a tiny bit of progress, I am faced with another wall of boxes.

My mother still managed to make me angry because she didn’t have any newspapers for me.  Her excuse for this is because I came on a Monday instead of Tuesday and she “wasn’t expecting me.”  She left me alone for most of the night, but zeroed in on a bag of my father’s old papers that I had bagged up.  I looked out into the hallway and there were literally papers everywhere as she was taking everything out of the bag.  I got quite upset that she was going through every single paper after I had already done this.  I made the point that she didn’t have any newspapers for me this week.  She could be helping me by packing newspapers but instead she is wasting her time on double checking something I have already done.  I’m not sure if it got through to her, but I have been thinking of putting up a white board up so she has tasks to complete every week.  I really feel like I am dealing with a child, but I don’t know what else to do or how to motivate her.  I made the point that if she actually bagged a bunch of newspapers up every week, I wouldn’t have room in my car to take anything else.  Therefore she wouldn’t have to worry about me going through her stuff.  Wishful thinking!

This week:

Computer Speakers

Bag of metal hangers

Bag of plastic hangers

2 bags of newspapers (me)

2 bags of paper

1 bag cardboard

1 bag garbage

1 box of mugs for goodwill


Week 16 – Clothing, boxes, and coupons.. Oh my!!

Books for donation

Last week was quite fun nearly killing myself in the garage.  So now I’m going back to cleaner pastures back upstairs.  I have decided to start wearing a dust mask since I have gone home feeling absolutely horrible every week after I’m in the house.  My nose starts running immediately when I walk in and I can’t imagine the air I’m breathing is healthy.  I also had a weird musty/woody smell affixed to me that would NOT go away after working in the garage, so I’m avoiding that area for now.  I’m guessing I will also have to wear gloves in the future when working with the dirtier items.

While I was at my parent’s house over the weekend for the hazardous waste drive, I decided to spend a little extra time digging further into the attic room.  As I was rumbling through the room I was shocked when my mom asked if I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.  Um, what?  I thought this could be a ploy to distract me, but in the end it was a nice and welcome surprise.  I guess she doesn’t hate me as much as I thought.  Either way, spending the extra hour or so helped because I was able to organize a bunch of items for later in the week.  I figure it will cut down the amount of time I spend going through things and I can basically go in, load my car up, and leave.  I was surprised to find more bags of coupons and cardboard boxes for almost anything we ever bought as children.  I basically spent most of my time breaking down boxes!

I went back later in the week and as always, as soon as I walked in the attic room, my mother comes upstairs.  She asks “so what are you doing today?”  I respond “same thing as always, mom.”  Surprisingly, she actually helped me carry everything downstairs today.  I think this is more so she can see what I’m taking out than actually wanting to help though.  I have learned to hide certain bags from her and take them out to my car quickly so she can’t go through them.  I got caught this time as she asks “what did you take to the car that you didn’t want me to see?”  I had to laugh a little at the fact that I was caught.  I explained that it was all paper and I didn’t want her to see it because she would have gone through everything and it’s frustrating after I spend so much time going through it to begin with. 

Clothes for Goodwill! I don’t think any of these clothes were actually ours.. Hmm..

As I go through these extra rooms, I am still surprised when I find bags and bags of clothes.  I have come to the realization that we have so many clothes in the house.  Since we were younger, there have always been 3 big boxes of clothes stacked at the top of the steps.  They make it so hard to get stuff out of the attic room, so I decided to take one into the other room and go through it.  Most of the clothes with elastic in them are so old that they are no good.  This is almost a relief as I don’t have to fight about getting rid of them with my mother.  She helped go through the box with me and was happy to separate the  clothes for recycling.  Unfortunately, I don’t think any will be good candidates to sell since they have been sitting in boxes for almost 25 years and smell like cardboard.  I ask her to help me get bags of clothes out for goodwill and she helps me sort two bags, so I’m happy with this.

The boxes of clothes at the top of the stairs. They are frayed at the edges from our cats used to scratch them. And yes, those are bags and bags of napkins sitting on top. Why? I don’t know

A few weeks ago I exclaimed that there is one thing my mother loves more than newspapers.  That is money.  I had made her pinky swear that she would owe me $100 if she didn’t have 4 bags for me the following week.  I was really happy when she kept up with her side of the deal and delivered 4 bags the following week.  Unfortunately, I have had problems getting newspapers consistently from her since then.  I figured I would try the bet once again.  This time she would owe me 6 bags or $100.  I had high hopes since she was able to follow through with this a few weeks ago.  I was quite disappointed when I asked and she only had one bag for me.  She stated that she felt overwhelmed by the thought of 6 bags and said it wasn’t a good way to motivate her.  I guess its back to the drawing board!  Overall, I was happy because I was able to take a box of old books, a bag of misc. papers, a new kids on the block poster, some small rugs, tin cans, a bag of plastic, and a bag of styrofoam out.

This week

Cardboard boxes – (27)

1 bag newspapers (mom)

1 large bag papers

3 bags coupons

1 nkotb poster

1 bag garbage

2 small rugs

1 bag tin cans

1 bag plastic

1 bag styrofoam

For Donation:

1 box books for the library

2 bags clothes for goodwill

Week 15 – Watch out for hazardous materials!!

Hazardous Items – Ready to go!

This upcoming weekend the city we live in is having a hazardous waste removal drive.  I see this as my chance to clear all the hazardous things I can find from the house.  Entering the house, I make a beeline to the garage because I have to imagine there are so many hazardous things swimming around here.  As I walk in, it becomes clear that everything I need to get to is on the other side of the garage.  I start by clearing a walkway through the garbage so I won’t kill myself attempting to walk across all of the trash.  Having a clean path will make it easier to take things out as well.  I get rid of a bunch of newspapers and garbage that are in my way to start.  Then I come across a bunch of my father’s “organized boxes.”  These are normally filled with the most random things ever.  Magazines, papers, pencils, screws, tools, whatever you can imagine.  I have already found a few of these boxes so far and they are so annoying to organize because they are always a random hodgepodge.

I’m pretty sure my dad got this out of the dumpster in the first place. I definitely tried to get rid of this about 10 years ago. Now it’s GONE for good!

One box is filled with magazines so I put them in a bag to try to throw them out.  Of course my mother stops me and tells me they might be worth money.  I take the nice ones out and put the rest aside for now.  I will figure out if I’m really going to try to sell them at a later point.  Of course I get a call from my mother the following day stating that she went on ebay and saw some of the same types of magazines for sale for $12.  I double checked this and noticed that most of the magazines she was referring to didn’t actually have any bids and were never sold.  I went to the trunk to see what magazines I had left and realized that I ended up throwing out the bag of magazines by accident anyways.  Oops!  I don’t think anyone would want to buy these things since I had taken them from an area that was full of mice/squirrel feces.  Yuck!!

Old turpentine and paint stain cans

So, back to cleaning up!  After I got through that mess, I finally made my way to the other side of the garage where there were plenty of hazardous things for us to take out.  Yes, I am saying “us” because my mom actually helped me today.  She helped carry a lot of the garbage and hazardous items through the house!  I was shocked to find that the 15 or so paint and 6 turpentine cans were actually empty!!  My father used to paint doors on the side when he was involved in construction, so they were probably used for that.  That was about 20 years ago though!  I am happy to see they are empty because they will be much easier to dispose of!  We ended up pulling about 4 boxes of wood stain, paint, turpentine, and other random hazardous items out.

At one point my father was watching as I pulled out container after container of stuff and he commented “wow, that’s a lot of junk!  It used to be good, but now it’s a lot of junk!”  I looked at him annoyed and dumbfounded.  I responded “Yes, this is all of your junk!!!”  I shook my head and proceeded to go through more of his piles of crap.  We finally filled up my car and I left as quickly as possible.  I would have pictures, but I was a filthy mess and my mother was around the whole time so I couldn’t let her see me take any pictures!  I did snap a few pictures as I was waiting in the car for my mom on Saturday though.  Sorry for the poor quality!

Paint? We’ve got tons of it!!

Saturday (hazardous waste collection day) came around and I called my mother.  I said “hey mom, I’m coming to help bring stuff to the hazardous waste collection thing.”  She said she had already loaded up the car and was ready to go.  I told her I wanted to check out the house across the street for more stuff, so she told me not to take too long.  This is the same person who says she is coming over in 10 min and shows up 1 to 3 hrs later.  I head to my grandmother’s and grab a few things.  I also asked my mom if she got rid of the paint in the basement.  She acts like she doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  I go downstairs and find about 5 boxes of spray paint my father used for making die cast model cars.  I started packing paint away to take to the hazardous waste drive and my mom comes down.  She hurriedly states that some of the paint has never been used.  Mind you they have a sheen of dust over them, so they aren’t very desirable in their current state.  I ask her what she’s going to do with them and she says she is going to put them on freecycle.  Great, she got that excuse from me last week as I said we could get rid of some things from my grandmother’s house on there.  I throw as many cans in the box as possible (prob about 40 cans) and leave back another 40 or so as my mother is getting more and more annoyed.  At least I can say I tried.

2 Bags garbage

6 bags newspapers (2 mom)

8 bags paper

1 stuffed animal

15 empty paint cans

6 cans turpentine

4 boxes hazardous paint/stain/chemical cans

Week 6 – Picking up Newspapers

One of the nicest finds so far, a green punch bowl and glasses

I knew my parents would be out for the day, so I attempted to get to the house before they arrived home. I figured this could give me a chance to survey the house a bit more without my mother watching over me.  Nice thought, but I literally arrived at the  house as my parents were walking in the front door.  I decided to continue tackling my brother’s old room since there were still lots of items in plastic bags literally lying everywhere.  I placed a bunch of these items into boxes so I could organize them at my house.  Meanwhile I noticed I was slipping on small pieces of wrapping paper which were haphazardly dropped all over the floor.  I’m guessing these were in plastic bags at some point, but had fallen out at one time or another.  I corralled the used wrapping paper into a large garbage bag and put it at the top of the stairs.  The room was looking a bit more organized.  I was happy with this and decided to go exploring into an extra room we called the attic.  This used to be my father’s office and has always been a storage magnet for the family.  Of course now it’s out of control.  I grabbed a plastic bag full of old silver items from the room and placed it next to the bag of wrapping paper scraps.  I tried to go back in, but things were falling from every direction. I figured it was best to stop for now.

I turned around to go back into the hallway and there she was.  My mother asks harshly “what are you doing?”  I reply that I am looking.  She then asks what I am taking.  I point to the plastic bag filled with random silver items and tell her I want to take it to my house to see what is in it.  She says that she knows what’s in the bags.  I reply that I realize this, but the items need to be organized better and stored properly.  A plastic bag for nice silver isn’t really cutting it.  Then my mother sees the bag of wrapping paper scraps.  This seemed to hit a nerve, she was not having it.  I knew I should have hid that bag in a box! She grabs the bag and is now getting testy with me, proclaiming that it is her house and she is not going to budge.  My mother wants to go through the bag and supposedly she would give it to me the next week.  I figured it would be easiest to drop it at this point, but I don’t think I will see this bag again.

We went downstairs and my mother only had 1 and 1/2 bags ready for me instead of 2.  I said fine, get some more newspapers.  She firmly replied no.  I started to go towards a pile of papers that could fill 10 bags and suggested that we go through them together.  BIG no.  Finally she gave me a bag that had been sitting in the kitchen for at least a few years.  I said OK, I would take that in addition to the bag she filled and the one she still needed to fill up.  I decided to check out the garage in the meantime which was stacked full with stuff.  I have to say this is partially my fault.  One day while I was in high school, I got home from school and was sick of the mess.  I decided to pack up all of the newspapers in the house, which ended up being 75 bags!!  Of course, my mother refused to take them to recycling until she went through them all.  I decided to put them in the garage because I figured this would motivate her to get rid of them.  Not so much as the newspapers are still there among lots of other things they have added through the years.  I dug my way to the garage and took out an additional 4 bags while my mom was filling the final bag.

I started putting everything in the car, but when I walked back into the house my mother was suspiciously shuffling through the bags I just took out of the garage.  I looked into the bag she was supposed to be filling and asked her what year they were.  She took a paper from the middle and showed it to me.  I replied that I wanted to see the one she just put in the bag.  2003, yup she took some papers from the bag in the garage and acted like they were from the house.  Now I am FUMING!!!  I barely fill the car up before I leave the house in complete rage.  The fact that she would lie hurt me so much.

The loot from this week.. A punch bowl, some silver, and lots of dirty glasses. You would think my aunt drank a lot! I don’t think the glasses had been touched in about 20 years seeing the grime on them! Thanks to Miles who is helping inspecting one of the glasses. His conclusion – They are dirty!!

Later that week I had my mother stop over to look at a punch bowl and some glasses that I took out of the house.  She agrees to get rid of them, so this is good.  I thought this would be a good time to tell her how badly she hurt my feelings earlier that week.  I mention the fact that she has some really nice things that would look better in her house than the newspapers.  Not to mention how much work I am putting into this whole process.  I ask her why she has such a hard time getting rid of newspapers and she replies that she doesn’t know. The fact that she didn’t shut down and ignore me when I asked her is a huge step.  Hopefully we’re headed back into the right direction!  I have to say this was the worst week so far though 😦 .

This week – 1 & 1/2 bags of newspapers from my mother

5 bags of newspapers

1 bag of bags (as in shopping bags, lots of them!)

Assorted drinking glasses

Punch bowl

Silver items

Total – 9.5 bags of newspapers from my mother & 5 bags of pre-bagged newspapers

Week 5 – Stayin’ Alive.. Well, just barely.

Close up of some discolored/chipped plates from this week

So this week I brought my lovely and amazing boyfriend along for the ride.  Before we got to work, I stopped at the hardware store to pick up goggles and a respiratory mask.  I’m surprised that he didn’t run away at this point!  We got to my parents house (which he wouldn’t be allowed to enter) and I snuck him across the street to my grandmother’s old house.  I gave him a quick tour (it’s a very small house) and sent him up the creaky steps to the attic to move boxes.  The goggles and mask were because the insulation is falling everywhere and it can’t be healthy to breathe in.  He is such a good sport, he really didn’t know what he was getting into.

Meanwhile, I hesitantly ventured back to my parents house.  I happy to say that I’ve found a tactic that works with my mom!  I walked in and asked for potting materials to use for growing seeds.  She was so excited to show me all of the pots that she cleaned and organized.  My favorite quote from her was “You wouldn’t believe what a disorganized mess this all was.”  NO WAY!!  Like the rest of this house??  In the end she was actually excited to give me the potting supplies.  Score!

We then headed back upstairs.  As I walked towards the front door I noticed phone books.  Lots of them.  It doesn’t help that we have two houses that get about 5 phone books EACH every year.  I start throwing older editions into a box as she hesitantly thumbs through one while eying me at the same time.  I leave the 2011 to 2012 editions and mention something about a 2010 to 2011 copy.  My mother shrieks “WHAT!  That one is 2011?”  I reply “yes mom, 2011, as in last year” as I immediately bury it under an old phone book in the bag.  In the end, I pack up 4 bags of phone books.  I grab a few boxes I had put together last week along with two bags of newspapers my mother has left and go  to check on the boy.

Lots of Phone Books!!

Phone Books – 32 to be exact..

My wonderful, amazing boyfriend is NOT happy.  I tell him he did a great job and get him out of the house immediately so he can get home and wash up.  He states that the next time he goes over there he wants garbage bags and people to help move things.  I’m happy I’m not the only one who sees this stuff and wants to do something about it!  We get home and unload everything.  I am disappointed as it seems like there are mostly cracked and/or stained dishes.  There is a set of corelle dishes in good condition that can be sold and a set of 3 elephant statues that look like they may be ivory.  Everything else seems to be garbage.  Surprisingly, my mother gave me the go-ahead to get rid of the worn plates.  She then stated that we could keep the corelle dishes for my 6 year old niece.  Sure, let’s just pack them away for 20 years.  Ugh!!  I immediately take the worn items to Goodwill before she changes her mind!

An underwhelming turnout

This week – 2 Bags of newspapers

32 Phone Books

Corelle dishes, random plates, glasses, tea cups, ivory statues

2 plant-starting trays

Total – 8 Bags of Newspapers

Week 4 – Trying to keep control..

So it’s week 4 and feel like I need to disclose the fact that we have two houses in addition to my parents house and my house.  Let me also start by saying that hoarders should never have more than one house.  To make it clear, the first “other house” is referred to as across the street for the obvious reason that it’s across the street from my parents house.  This is the house my father grew up in.  It was originally built as a two room war era house, but my grandfather added a living room, additional bedroom, and an attic onto the original structure.  Since then, my parents, paternal grandmother, brother, and myself all lived there at one point or another.  I had intentions to remodel it and move in after college, but part of the house is on a dirt foundation and it needed a lot of work.  I decided that I would rather buy my own place instead.  The house has been vacant since then and the final goal will be to clean the house out and have it knocked down.

Since I hadn’t been across the street in a while, I decided to stop over and assess the situation.  Looking around the downstairs area, there are cobwebs everywhere and bottles, cans, and other recycling left from my brother some 7 or 8 years earlier.  Then I step upstairs into the attic, this is a particular problem area because the 60 year old insulation is falling and has covered everything in a gross brown dust.  I quickly grabbed some pictures, jewelry, and documents, but realized most were from my grandmother’s second husband whom I never met (all of my grandfathers passed away before I was born.)  I took a small box of my grandmother’s things and called it a loss.  There was more work to do at my parents’ house.

So onto our favorite topic.  Newspapers!!  Earlier this week I received a call from my mother telling me that she was going to recycling and that she was bringing the two bags of newspapers she packed up along with her.  I pause and ask hesitantly “not three?”  Now she gets snippy with me, my mother replies “No!  Not three!  I am telling you the truth!  I was only able to get two bags” (as if there just weren’t enough newspapers to ever pack up three bags.)  I try to emphasize the fact that the whole point is for me to come and get them.  She asks if I just wanted her to leave them at the house and I reply yes.

So I head to my parents house and realize that my mother has taken the newspapers to recycling herself “since she was going anyways”.  I don’t know if I believe her or not, so I’m not counting them this week.  I ask about the third bag and she gets snippy again.  I get a response along the lines of “don’t push it.”  I attempt to take a bag of something else.  Clothes maybe?  Surely there aren’t enough of those either.  Only all of the clothes that we have ever worn since we were babies!  Once again she says “don’t push it.”  I go upstairs and start piling up some boxes I went through the week before to take out.  They are mostly pots and pans from my grandmother and great aunt who both passed away a few years ago.  My mother is watching me the whole time and is trying to go through everything I put down.  I tell her I will take everything and lay it out at my place so she can see it.  She points out one contraption she thinks is “antique.”  Ugh!  I finally get everything out and grab two bags of milk cartons to make up for not taking any newspapers. Supposedly she keeps milk cartons so she can store food for the compost before bringing it outside.  She also said she would like to keep a few to make some houses with the grandchildren.  No way whatsoever!!  I practically grab the bags and run. Finally I get home and lay everything from the boxes out on a blanket on my living room floor.  I count about 27 pots and pans.  Most are old and aluminum.  They will probably be going to goodwill.

My first haul from my mothers’ house. Lots and lots of pots and pans.

I decide to sort everything between good and bad piles.  Mixed in are some old kitchen tools and tins that would look pretty cool together on some shelves, so I put those aside.  I doubt they are antiques, but they have some character to them.  Otherwise, I am excited to find some really nice iron clad skillets.  I will definitely be using those!

I have my mother come over the next day to sort through everything with me.   This is important so I can gain her trust and let her know I’m not getting rid of anything valuable. I am also including her in the decision-making process.  I tell her that I’m unsure of what goodwill may do with some of the older pots (some aren’t in the greatest of shape.)  I was going to bring them to recycling, but she insisted that they could be worth some money so she would like to bring them to the metal guy.  Great.  She ends up taking about 10 of the pots.  I put aside some of the nicer pots and bring the rest to good will.

*as a side note, I got a call from my sister in-law about a week later asking why there was a box of pots in my mom’s trunk.  Obviously they haven’t made it to the metal guy yet.  Sigh.

This week:  No newspapers 😦

3 boxes of assorted pots and pans

2 bags of milk cartons.

Total – 6 bags of newspapers

Week 3 – Upping the Ante – Or Not??

Since I started this “challenge” of sorts, I have had high aspirations that my mother will see the progression we have made and will slowly want to contribute more as time passes.  On the contrary, I’m guessing my mother hopes that I won’t show up anymore.  I figure that we are going to have to clean up the house at some point, so I might as well make it easier for myself in the long run.  In the end, I’m hoping she will not resist as much as she has in the past.  My mother is a stubborn person when she wants to be.  Since she has such an attachment with newspapers, I figured they would be the easiest item to follow in terms of goals. Not to mention, they are everywhere!

This week I decided to hand my mother 3 bags to fill with newspapers (I’ve been giving her two for the past two weeks).  I’m not sure how she’s going to react to this, but I’m surprised when she takes the bags and agrees.  By “agrees”, I mean her giving me a look like you have to be kidding me and and then letting out a long sigh.  I’m interested to see if she actually fills all three bags.  I’ve been trying to use a more positive approach towards my mom throughout this process, so I’ve decided to be ridiculously enthusiastic and supportive this week.  If you know me, this is not normal in any way.  My mother saw through this front immediately, but I tried to be supportive, “Yeah!!, You have done SO well,  One more bag would be great!!”  Needless to say, she was less than amused.

I let her be with her newspapers and went upstairs to check out what was the only clean room in the house when I moved out 5 years ago.  This will be referred to as my brother’s room, since it was his room while we were growing up.  As soon as I walk into the room, my nose begins to run from all of the dust.  I climb over boxes and random items that are haphazardly placed around the room to some boxes piled up in the corner.  I find a bunch of old pots and pans from my grandmother and great aunt’s houses.  Unfortunately there are boxes and bags of seemingly valuable items teetering everywhere.  I decide it’s best to leave them for now.  Eventually my mother joins me upstairs and carefully eyes my every move.  I explain that there are a lot of items I would like to take to my house to sort through.  She responds with the fact that most of the breakable items (about to crash to the floor) are worth money.  She has avoided responding to the fact that I want to take items out of the house.  In the end she has not said no.  I see this as a positive response, grab a box of my old stuff, and head downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, I find the two bags of newspapers I had asked her to fill.  One of the bags is partially filled with some sort of packing paper.  I ask if this is a rebellion against me for requesting three bags next week.  Once again, she is not amused.  I take out the filler and ask for more newspapers, this is not acceptable!!  She proceeds to slowly go through additional newspapers one by one to put in the bag.  As I wait I tell her about a news story I read earlier about a woman who was found dead under her collapsed piles of “stuff.”   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2101763/Hoarder-Margareta-Scheibe-72-decomposed-bags-trash-piled-ceiling-home.html   I receive the death stare.  Well then, I scour the room for some non-newspaper Items that she may be okay to part with.  I find some old microwave meal boxes sitting in a pile and ask if I can take them.  She responds that you can enter the codes online to get free boxes in the future, but she hands me a pile of boxes who’s codes have already been entered.  Score!!  I feel victorious.  Dad is asleep, so nothing on that front.  Oh well.

This week – 2 bags of newspapers

Total – 6 bags of newspapers