What have I taken out? The Tally So Far..

So what exactly have I taken from my parents house??  Well, let me tell you!!

(as of week 16)

42 Cardboard boxes, 1 bag cardboard

32 Phone books

31 – Bags of newspapers from the house

30 Misc. tin cans

24.5 – Bags of newspapers from my mother

16 Boxes Misc pots and pans, corelle dishes, plates, glasses, tea cups, punch bowl, corningware assorted silver, personal items, ivory statues and kitchen items from grandma and great aunt

15 empty paint cans

15 empty mulch bags

14 Bags garbage

13 Bag papers

8 Bags coupons

7 Bags Misc. plastic

6  cans turpentine

5 assorted soccer balls

4 boxes hazardous paint/stain/chemical cans

3 Bags Clothes

3 Computer Screens

2 Bags of milk cartons

2 plant starting trays

2 bags magazines

2 stuffed animals

2 plastic planting trays

2 small propane tanks

2 boxes of my crap

2 small rugs

1 box, 1 bag Styrofoam

1 Bag fabric

1 printer

1 13in TV

1 filing cabinet

1 planting trough

1 box egg cartons (containing about 20 egg cartons)

1 dustbuster

1 nkotb poster

For Donation:

1 box books for the library

2 bags clothes for goodwill


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